How Do You Tell If Your Hookup Has Feelings for You

So, you’ve been bumping uglies with your hookup that you met on a free dating website or local store for a few weeks or months, and now you cannot put a pin on it, but things have changed? You are now left wondering if you’re in it for the sex or do your hookup has feelings for you.

Naturally, in hookup relationships, someone always catches feelings. It’s an inevitable end in these types of relationships. You either realize you do not share the same feelings and end the relationship or decide to take it to the next level when it’s mutual. Below are a few tips to tell you if the person you have been hooking up with views you as more than just a hookup buddy.

When a hookup catches feelings for you, that midnight text asking if you are up for it turns into regular calls and SMSs. Also, the content is different as they just want to check in and know how your day was. It is a sign that they have become more comfortable being with you, and he is thinking about you on a deeper level. Calling and texting regularly clearly indicates someone cares about you more.

Waking up to someone you’ve slept together the night before can be an early indication they want something more than a casual hookup. Also, if he is not rushing out the door once he gets off, it may show they want to spend the intimate morning hours with you. The cherry on top is when they wake up to bring you breakfast in bed. It’s a clear indication your hookup sees you as something more, and they may be laying the groundwork for a relationship.

You may remember your initial conversations with your hookup when you started chatting after matching on a dating site. If they start having feelings for you, the conversation becomes more real, and you find yourself connecting deeply. They can talk about their life history and sometimes shares secrets he has not told anyone. It shows they have a deeper level of trust in you enough to open up. It is a clear indication that they have fallen for you. Additionally, they also listen to you, showing support for the things you have been through when you start opening up too. You may also notice your conversations revolve around relationships. It can be their way of gauging where you stand on that particular topic.

Hookups start and end in the bedroom. The nature of that relationship does not allow date nights or fun activities. If your hookup has been asking you to go out and not just Netflix and chill, then he may be looking for something more. If since you met on a free dating site, he has been finding excuses to take you to the movies, your hookup may have feelings for you. Apart from taking you to the movies, if he has shown you his favorite spot in the city, it means he is ready for something more. Also, they may tend to act like a boyfriend when in public. They can hold your hand, kiss you randomly or put his arm around your waist as most couples do. Taking you out and all the PDA shows he enjoys spending more time with you and not just in the bedroom.

One clear sign of a change in the relationship dynamic is when the sex changes. It becomes more passionate, and your hookup takes a lot more time in bed to please you. They also do things that you like to impress you. Your partner is also willing to cuddle, which is a clear sign that this is more than hooking up.

If, like most people, you use online dating sites to look for a match, whether casual or find a more serious relationship, it means you may have no friends in common. If you already know your hookups friends, it is a sign they have feelings for you. You do not involve someone you are casually seeing with your personal life. Another indication that you are important to your hookup is when they tell your friends about you. If, when meeting his friends, they mention your interests or career, it’s an indication he has been bragging about you.